Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1907-1908

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Peogeess oe Egyptology.

and it may be noted that persons holding the title scten se are there
recorded whose fathers were not of royal rank, as is to be observed also in
the tombs at El Kab of the same date. In my inspectorate the excavations
of Monsieur Cleemont-Ganneau and of Herr Dr. Zuckee at Elephantine
were continued, and the latter did some work in the Kom Ombo cemeteries ;
M. de morgan opened a few tombs at various places between Esneh and
Silsileh; and Dr. Eandall-MacIvee worked in Lower Nubia. You
will doubtless have had special reports on these and on Dr. Eeisnee's

" Early in April, when the departure of the various archaeologists and
the closing of the tourist season left me free once more, I camelled with
my wife from El Kab to the temple of Wady Abad (generally called
Eedesiyeh); my report on it is in the latest number of the Annales,
though the most interesting result of the trip—the copying of a number of
rock drawings and graffiti of various dates—has not yet been published.
We then rode along the east bank of the river to Aswan and thence we
took the camels on to Kalabsheh on .the west bank, following the road
which Taharqa travelled upon in his flight from Egypt to the Sudan, as
inscriptions on the route relate (see some notes of mine in the last
number of Les Annates). Various interesting graffiti were found during

this long ride, among which the name of a new king ^su i's Pro"

minent. Eeturning to Aswan I spent some days copying a group of
interesting inscriptions written on a rock at the top of the western hills at
the head of the ' Elephantine Eoad.' Among these the most important is
a record of a visit made by a Prince of the Tehenu to Egypt in Dyn. XVIII.
In May, June, and July I made my usual summer tour around the
district; and in August I was mostly at Thebes, where the main piece of
work was the clearing of the tomb of Eames (temp. Amenophis III. and
IV.), which yielded some beautiful reliefs—the finest, perhaps, in the
necropolis. A long report on the tombs of Shekh Abd el Gurneh and El
Assasif, giving the new numbering of the tombs and their complete list so
far as I know them, was then prepared, and will appear in the Annales
soon. The summer, until I left Egypt for my vacation early in
September, was very cool on the whole; and the Nile showed signs of
breaking recent records.

" I do not think there are any robberies or unfortunate incidents to
record, though of course there must always be a certain amount of pilfering
which goes undetected or unpunished, and the dealers' shops are constantly
fed from the scbakh works. The expropriation of the persons living
loading ...