Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1907-1908

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14 Pkogkess of Egyptology.

museums, and destroy six blocks in order to sell one. The following
were the principal tombs opened :—

"(a) <==>n j^i PP• Partly published in L. D. A new corridor with
fine scenes of flax and wheat harvest, and a doorway with an important
text, a letter from King Assa.

" (J) U . Mae, Mast. D. 3. Sold to Metropolitan Museum,
New York.

" (c) LJ j^j^j^- Mar. Mast. D. 2. East wall disappeared since.

"(d) ® 0 V* Mae. Mast. D. 6. Good stela.


" (e) \ P Mae. Jfas£. D. 5. Stela has suffered since Maeiette's

" (/) ( IztzlJ T © • Mae- Jfas<-I)- 8- stela of local stone-

" <T"~> ";;=:7 J • A new tomb. A chamber with ordinary scenes,
lists of offerings, &c, much salted and rather crushed by superincumbent
weight, but singularly bright in colour.

" w [53 P ¥ ® SoU to New York'

"(i) U 4-4- Q- Mak- Mast- D. 7. An important inscription

not copied in Mabiette has been brought to the museum.

" CO ^ MAE- Jias*- D' 25>

" ® 2 i ^ PP" MaE' MasL K 2'

>----\j /^ww\ f~\

"(0 (iS^lPJ ® J' Fr°m S""W" °f Step Pyramid enclosure.

«(m) C]^"J'P<=>• Mak- MasL D- 1- ™s and the preceding
tomb have been sold to Mr. Ayee for Chicago, and are to be taken down
and packed in the coming season."

Prof. Peteie kindly sends the following report of part of the work
accomplished by his expedition; the memoir on Athribis is already
published, and is noticed below on p. 21; it therefore only remains to
describe the later work at Memphis:—

" The work of the British School at Memphis was carried on for three
and a half months. Over so great a site much was exploratory, in order
loading ...