Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1907-1908

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Peogeess of Egyptology.

Thebes, East Bank. Clearances at the temple of Luxor, providing clean
passages to visitors round the K-W. and S. sides. Some Bamesside reliefs
cleared of Eoman piles of stone on the west side of the pylon (and
copied by W. Max Mullee). The work was done with funds given by
Prince Djemil Toussoun. Weigall, Ann. viii. 113.

Thebes, West Bank:—

Dr. Colin Campbell has published a popular description of The
Gardeners Tomb (Sen-nofer's) at Thebes, with translations of the inscrip-

Illustrated article on the last season of excavation at Deir el-Bahari.
Naville, Man, 1907, no. 102.

Catalogue of coffins, ushabti, papyri, etc. in the second find of Deir el
Bahari (XXIst Dynasty priests). daeessy, Ann. viii. 3.

Clearance of the storehouses of the Eamesseum in 1903-4 and 1906, an
embankment being formed round the temple with the rubbish so removed.
Baeaize, Ann. viii. 193.

Plan of the temple of Tethmosis III. at Qurna, omitted by accident from
the report of the year before. Weigall, Ann. viii. 286.

The memoir on Lord Northampton's excavations in 1898-9 at Qurna
and Drah abu'l Negga has been issued. The text is mostly the work of
Newbeery and Spiegelbebg. From the tomb of Nebamen (through which
the spoilers entered the pyramid of Sebekemsaf, according to the Abbott
Papyrus) a scene is published of swine trampling in the sown grain, as
described by Herodotus. There is an important section on shawabti
figures, which in early times represented the deceased person himself as a
mummy : a large collection of early shawabti texts is published here.
Report on some excavations in the Theban Necropolis, by the Marquis of
noethampton, etc.

The discovery of the tomb of Thyi (Taia), Ayeton, P.S.B.A. xxix.
277, and of the jewellery of Tausert, figuring a gold wig-pendant, id. ib.
xxx. 116.

Naga ed-DeE (opposite Girga). Memoir on The Early Dynastic Ceme-
teries of Naga-ed-Der (vol. 2 of the publications of California University—
Egyptian archaeology—dedicated to Mrs. Heaest, who has financed the
work for many years). A scientific record of the characteristics of the
burials made from the full records of each grave. Dr. Eeisnee gives the
characters for distinguishing burials of this period from those of the
prehistoric age, the memoir on which is in preparation. In a few cases he
found traces of a mastaba superstructure, and believes it to have been
usual, at any rate for the larger tombs. Erom the time of the earliest
loading ...