Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1907-1908

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


with branches. It was evidently an early experiment, and from its angles,
slight fall, and narrow gauge cannot have been very successful. A plug
was found belonging to a Lason connected with it. The Queen's pyramid
lay at the S.-E. corner. Part of the temple had been converted in the New
Kingdom into a temple of Sakhmi.

Zauyet el Aryan. Barsanti continues his report on the excavation of
the royal tomb (v. last Arch. Be}}., p. 33): his work ceased in November,
1906, without leading to any definite discovery in spite of much excavation
and mining, but he still hopes to find the sarcophagus and serdab at some
future opportunity. Ami. viii. 201.

Giza. Exploration of tombs of the 1st to the Vth Dynasties, south of
the pyramid plateau. Petrie, Gizeh and Bifeh.

Tell el Waqa, near Mehallah el Kubra : notes of inscriptions, etc.,
including one of Psammetichus II. Ahmed Bey Kamal, Ann. viii. 1.

Alexandria. Besults of excavations about Pompey's pillar; inscribed
statue of Psammetichus I., two statues of a Memphite priest: sphinxes and
pieces of Hellenistic sculpture. Breccia, Ann. viii. 62.

Publications of Texts.


(a) From sites in Egypt:—

Shellal. Stela of Psammetichus II. Weigall, Ann. viii. 39.

Elephantine. Pedestal of Usertesen I., statues dedicated by Amenhotp
III., base of statue of princess Ptahneferu, etc., id. ib. viii. 46.

Ombos. Sandstone blocks from N. of Temple, id. ib. 43.

edfu. Statues of Tethmosis II. and III. and stela of 6th year of
Tahraqa. id. ib. 40, 44.

Asfun. Statuette of Middle Kingdom, id. ib. 39.

Thebes, East Bank. New text from Luxor of Eameses II., relating to
an episode in a battle at Tump when the king fought without a cuirass,
parallel to one at the Eamesseum long known but misunderstood. Sethe,
A.Z. xliv. 36. Text at Karnak relating to bread given to the employes
at the temple, previously misread as a trial by ordeal, id. ib. 39.

Fragment of a stela of Tutankhamun from the Temple of Mont, duplicate
to that of Karnak. Legrain, Ann. viii. 256.

West Banlc. Scene with inscription representing the Egyptian Foreign
Office, with a shrine of the ape Thoth, from a Eamesside tomb found by
Mr. Mond at Shekta abd el Gurneh. Borciiardt, A.Z. xliv. 59.
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