Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1907-1908

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.



Ed. Meyer reviews the contributions of archaeological research to
Ancient History in general. Die bedeutung der ErscMiessung des alien
Orients fur die geschichtliche Mcthode, in Sitzb. Bcrl. Ahad. 1908, 648.

Messrs. L. W. KING and H. E. Hall, of the British Museum, have colla-
borated in an interesting volume intended to supplement Prof. Maspero's
well-known volumes by recording the later discoveries: Egypt and Western
Asia in the light of recent discoveries. In chronology, while accepting the
changes absolutely necessitated by the new finds, they avoid alterations
due to theory.

Prof. Petrie has contributed a chapter on Ancient Egypt to Harms-
worth's History of the World, intended for popular reading.

A serviceable volume has been written by the Eev. James Baikie,
entitled The Story of the Pharaohs, with the object of providing a readable
text-book of the history down to the conquest of Cambyses, without
original research.

Prof. Breasted out of the fulness of his knowledge has given us a
History of the Ancient Egyptians, on a smaller scale than his well-known
History of Egypt, as a handbook in the Historical Series for Bible Students.
It retains the elaborate Hatshepsut theory in the face of recent evidence
against it, but has the merits of his earlier work—vividness as well as
minute acquaintance with the sources, and is provided with excellent
maps and plans, a chronological summary, and a very full though selected
Bibliography. His earlier History and Records are reviewed by Boeder,
O.L.Z. x. 536.

The Queens of Egypt, by Miss Janet B. Buttles, is a careful and
reasonable collection of all kinds of information that can be gathered about
the relics and records of royal wives and queens before the Ptolemaic age.
It should be of use as a work of reference.

Ed. Meyer prints a lecture delivered before the Deutsche Orienc-Gesell-
schaft on Egypt under the IVth and Vth Dynasties {Aegijpten zur Zeit
der Pyramiden Bauer), characterising in a masterly manner the history,
monuments, art and political conditions of the period, tracing also their
beginnings and growth in the earlier ages. He contrasts the absolutism
of the Fourth Dynasty with the religious feeling and feudalism of the Fifth.
Prof. Meyer makes full use of the great results obtained by the work of
the Orient-Gesellschaft amongst the Arth Dynasty monuments at Abusir,
and publishes for the first time several reliefs which prove that the kings
made expeditions by land and sea to Libya, to Syria and Phoenicia, and
loading ...