Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1907-1908

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


Very elaborate article (founded on the material for the Wbrterbucli) on
the names of Upper and Lower Egypt and the expressions for ' North'
and ' South.' Sethe, A.Z. xliv. 1. Passages in the story of the Ship-
wrecked Sailor, id. ib. 80: diminutives in the New Kingdom—Mehu (Mh)
for Anienemheb, Hui (Hy) for Ainenhotp, ^Ny for Amenemoni, and probably
other names ending in -y —-; also 'Amathi, a peculiar Semiticised spelling

for Ahmasi, and To " a peculiar spelling for Zay, id. ib. 87 : vocalisa-
tion of Nisbe forms, het ' heart,' etc., ib. 93 ; confirmation of Gardiner's
reading z<m for the metal, id. ib. 132 : 3pd = 'furniture,' not 'plank,' in
D'Orbiney, etc., id. ib. 134: Akhenaton = ' The sun-disk is pleased,'
ib. 116.

The word for 'shipwreck' in demotic and hieroglyphic (correcting
Gardiner's newT word for 'foreigners'). Spiegelberg, A.Z. xliv. 99.
Eeview of Junker's Grammatik der Denderatexte: id., Gottingischc gdehrte
Anzeigcn, 1908, 119. Prof. Spiegelberg writes especially as a demotist:
lie considers the language of demotic texts almost entirely parallel
to that of late hieroglyphic: in both cases the language is artificial,
though in demotic the late forms are more evident.

Elaborate article on the hieratic writing of hw ' strike' at different
periods. Gardiner, A.Z. xliv. 12G.

Eevillout terminates his transcript and translation of the Leyden
Moral Papyrus in Journ. Asiatique, xe ser., no. 11, p. 243; and the whole
work is reprinted in his L' Ancicnnc Egypte, tome 4. The Vienna story of
Petubastis, the Magical Papyrus of London and Leiden, the stories of Setna,
the story of Amasis, a portion of the Kufic story, and many early demotic
contracts are similarly transcribed and translated by him in liev.
jagyptologigue, xii.

Elaborate palaeographic study of the word rji ' know/ 1 be able,' in
demotic writing of different documents of the Ptolemaic and Roman
periods. Reich, Rce. dc Trav. xxx. 90.

A very ingenious reading of an enigmatic inscription of the XVIIIth
Dynasty by Prof. Sethe is printed in Lord Northampton's Excavations in
the Thcban Necropolis.


Prof. ScinvEiXFUiiTH draws attention to the discovery by Prof. Flamand
of rock drawings in Algeria of a tame ram, evidently sacred, with sun's
disk on its head. Their high antiquity is proved by their style, patina, and
association with drawings of an extinct long-haired buffalo. Prof. Elamand
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