Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1907-1908

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


The title 1 first divine father of Ammon' occurs as a variant of ' first
prophet of Ammon.' LEGBAIN, Ann. viii. 55.

On the priest of the ka and the choachyte. Eevillout, Rev. Egyptologique,
xxi. 122.


The French Institute of Archaeology in Cairo has begun a new series of
publications under the title Bibliotheque d'etude, in which the standard
and most interesting texts will be edited for students, with translations,
notes and glossary. The first volume has been issued, Les Memoires de
Sinouhit, containing the story of Sinuhe, edited in hieroglyphic transcription
by Prof. Maspero. The Berlin text is given as the standard, with a
restoration of the beginning from other sources, while the five subsidiary
texts, including Mr. Gardiner's very valuable fragment from the Eames-
seum papyri, are printed in an appendix. Curiously enough all the
recently discovered texts—the Ramesseum papyrus, the Cairo ostracon,
the Golenischeff papyrus, and the small fragments in Lord Amherst's
collection (which belong to the Berlin papyrus)—contain portions of the
beginning, and are of much greater value for the restoration of the text
than the two very inferior ostraca which alone M. Maspero had to aid him
in his first transcription published more than thirty years ago.

On the statue of the priest Sethon at Memphis in Herodotus. Wiede-
mann, O.L.Z. xi. 179.

Various essays on Egyptian literature, forming Tome L of Revillout's
L'Ancienne Egypte.

It is announced that a collection of hymns to the diadem of Pharaoh,
from a papyrus of the Golenischeff collection, is to be published by Erman
(Sitzb. Bed. Akad. 1908, 179).


On the position of women, etc. Revillout, La fcmmc dans I'antiquite
Egyptimne (seconde partie), forming Tome III. of L'Ancienne Egypte.. Tome
II. is apparently not yet published.

On Bocchoris and his code. Eevillout, Bev. Egyptologique, xii. 124.


Reports by Dr. Elliot Smith on the unwrapping of mummies from
M. Loret's find of 1898: King Meneptah, old and somewhat corpulent,
plundered and re-wrapped, Ann. viii. 108. Siptah, young, with club
foot, plundered and re-wrapped: Sety II., young, plundered and re-
loading ...