Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1907-1908

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


Dressel holds that the finds of ancient Greek silver coins in Egypt
had been intended for trade purposes, and were not merely goldsmith's
hoards. He refuses to accept the theory that the coins were imitations
made by Greeks settled in Egypt Sitzb. Berl. Akad. 1908, 397.

The fourth and last volume of Svoronos' Mimzen der Ptolemder contains
a genealogical table of the Ptolemies, illustrated by portraits from the
coins, and a discussion of the weights and values of the coins by the
late Prof. Hultscii.

Prehistoric Archaeology, Weapons, etc.

Study of prehistoric Egypt, L'Egypte prehistorique, by A. J. Eeinach.

E. de Eustafjaell, in a pamphlet entitled Palaeolithic vessels of
Egypt, attempts to show that certain hollow pieces of limestone found on
the surface of the desert were primitive vessels manufactured before
pottery was invented.

Study of the designs painted on prehistoric pottery. Boreux, Rev. des
Etudes Ethnograpldques, 1908, 1.

Set of prehistoric pottery from Edfu. Weigall, Ann. viii. 43; pot
with standard of a cow from Maala opposite Asfun. id. ib. 49.

Handled celt from Gebelen (?) in the Eustafjaell collection. Weigall,
Ann. viii. 42; archaic sandstone celt engraved with figure of a prisoner,
from Saqqara. id. ib. 43.

M. Jequieu shows that there is no evidence on Egyptian monuments
for the use of the bola ending in a ball as opposed to a lasso with running
noose. He suggests that represents a lasso. Bee. de Trav. xxx. 37.

A very interesting interpretation of a figure on one of the Hieraconpolis
palettes is given by J. Paris, who shows that it represents a hunter dressed
in the skin of a jackal, playing a flute as a lure for the desert animals. lieu.
Egyptologique, xii. 1.


M. Pierret and M. Bevillout have retired from their posts as conser-
vateur and conservateur-adjoint of the Egyptian section of the Louvre.
M. Benedite is now conservatenr and Professor of Archaeology in the
Ecole du Louvre in the place of M. Pierret. M. Foucart lias been made
Professeur-adjoint pour histoire et religions de l'ancien Orient in the
University of Aix-Marseille, and is associated with Prof. Andersson in the
editing of Sphinx. He shares the Prix Fould of the Academy with M.
Salad in, their prize works being entitled respectively Z'Art et Ut religion
d'Egypte and Manuel d'art Musulman,
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