Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1907-1908

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Graeco-Eoman Egypt.


dealt with native Egyptians, nor with that of the ^p^fiarLUTal, which
dealt with Greeks, but as having to do with cases in which the parties
concerned were of different nationalities. The extant evidence is consistent
with this conclusion, but it is at present very slight.

The last number to hand of the Bulletin de la Societe Arclieologique
d'Alexandrie contains, in addition to the texts mentioned above (no. 15), a
study by B. Apostolides on the topography of the Fayum, in which the
writer very confidently rejects all the conclusions of previous writers on
the subject, including the results arrived at by the excavations of Messrs.
Grenfell and Hunt. It is doubtful whether his readers will share his
confidence in the correctness of his own results. Prof. Breccia describes
excavations made in the necropolis of Ibrahimieh, the fruits of which were
some inscribed stelae, vases, figurines, and inscribed vase-handles. He
also continues his chronicle of the acquisitions of the Alexandria Museum
and the excavations made in the neighbourhood. The bibliographical
portion of the Bulletin includes reviews of Lefebvre's Menander, of the
British Museum and Lille Papyri, and of Part II. of the Tebtunis Papyri.

Two of the recently published British Museum papyri have furnished
material for separate articles. Viereck33 has reprinted the text of the
Berlin diploma of the lepa fiovcritcy] TrepiiroXiaTLic-i-i Avprfkiavi] /j^eyaXij
crwoSo?, with the assistance of the somewhat similar but more perfect
London diploma of the iepa ^variKi] TrepnToXurTuci] 'ASpiavrj ''A.vTwvLavi]
SeTTTt,/u.tav>} awuhos (see nos. 10 and 14 of last year's Eeport). And Prof.
E. de Euggiero34 has published an interesting article on a document from
Antinoopolis contained in the same British Museum volume, namely a
lease for GO years of a boat, which is described by the new term of
fiiaOoTrpaaia. He shows good reason for believing that the explanation of
this extraordinary device of a sale under the terms of a lease lies in the fact
that owners of merchant shipping received certain privileges in the way of
immunity from taxation, which the vendor wished to retain by remaining
the nominal owner of the boat in question while practically parting with it.

Capt. H. G. Lyons' history of land measurement in Egypt35 combines
a knowledge of the ancient literature on the subject (notably the papyri in
which the results of land surveys are recorded) with a very practical and
thorough experience of modern conditions in the same country. Prof.
Petrie, in a short note contributed to the Journal of Hellenic Studies,3"
makes the interesting suggestion that the obvious displacement of Egyptian
history in Herodotus, whereby the Dynasties IV.-VI. (the Pyramid kings)
are placed after Dynasties VI.-XXV., is due to the misplacement of a single
roll of papyrus containing chapters 100-123. He shows that the whole
loading ...