Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1908-1909

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Progress of Egyptology.

Thebes. Stela of a prince Antef found many years ago, from a photo-
graph at Cairo. Daressy, ib. 150. Stela of the daughter of a prince of
Libya, dedicated under Amenartais. Legrain, ib. 277.

East Bank. Inscription at Karriak of Osorkon, high priest of Amnion
and son of Takellothis II., from a new copy by Sethe, analysed by
Erman, A.Z., xlv. 1. It appears that Osorkon was born at El Hibe and
worshipped Amnion there while Thebes was closed to him by a hostile
party. Eventually lie won his way to Thebes and burnt his enemies
with fire.

West Bank. Inscriptions recently brought to light on the southern'
exterior wall of Medinet Habu. Daressy, Bulletin, vi. 71. Canopic jars
from near the Bamesseum, id. Ann. 152.

M. Naville's publication of the temple of Deir el-Bahari is completed
by vol. VI., containing the sculptures of the Lower Colonnade with the
interesting scene of the transport of the obelisks and some fragments from
the Upper Court; also drawings of a typical set of objects from the
foundation deposits of the temple, and, finally, Mr. Somers Clarke's
architectural description of the whole structure with a restoration and
many plans.

The first volume of the Xlth Dynasty temple at Deir el-Bahari by
Naville, Hall and Ayrton, is reviewed by Andersson, Sphinx, xii. 72.

Text of the sandstone stela in the temple of Ahmesnefretere (Lord
Northampton's excavations)' to complete the publication. Spiegelberg.
A.Z. xlv. 87.

Coptos. Stela of the New Kingdom. Weigall, Ann, ix. 112.

El Amarna. Mr. N. de G-. Davies' publication of the Bock Tombs of
El Amarna is now completed with the issue of vol. VI., containing the
tombs of Parennefer, Tutu and Ay. An index of cross references and a
general index of tombs are provided. The representations of the palace
are discussed in an appendix. The Boyal Tomb, which is some miles
distant in the desert, and has not been included in this series, can be
found in the memoir of the French Institut, entitled Zes Monuments du
cultc d'Atonou.

Sharona. Inscriptions from re-used blocks of a temple of Ptolemy I,
at Kuni el-Ahmar, and a scarab and coffin naming Osiris lord of Mer.
Smolenski, Ann. ix, 3, 94.

Aiinas. Long inscription from an altar of Sheshonk I., for the re-endow-
ment of the temple of Harshafe with 365 cattle contributed by various
persons and villages. Kamal and Maspero, Bee. de Trav. xxxi. 33.

Saqqara. Long inscription of Nekhtharheb relating his construction
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