Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1909-1910

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Egypt Exploration Fund.

After this site seemecl to be exhausted as far as papyrus mummies were
concerned, and the neighbonrhood for some distance north and south had
been inost carefully explored without resuit,* we moved to Ehnâsiya
el-Medîna on December lOtli and commenced work on Mound II (see
Wilcken's plan). ïbis proved disappointing. On the surface Byzantine,
and rarely late Eoman, documents were found in very bad condition ; and
no papyri were to be found at any depth owing to the damp. We tried
ail the other spots that seemed at ail likely to produce papyrus, with the
same resuit. Mound IV. bad been completely worked ont by Wilcken,
except on the north and south-west sides. After we had cleared away his
rubbish we found only Arabie and scraps of Coptic papyrus close to the
surface. Below that no papyrus was obtained owing to the composition
of the mound ; for unlike those at Behnesa the mounds of Ehnâsiya
contain practically no 'afsh. We closed down the work about January 4th,
feeling that to continue on such a site was mere waste of money.

Aylwaed M. Blackman.
J. de M. Johnson.

* There are still plenty of M.K. and N.K. tombs to be opened. We only tested tho
Tarions cemeteries of that date. Also the early Ptolemaic ceraetery would probahly
reward the excayator with Osirid statuettes and fine coffîns.
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