Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1909-1910

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Progress of Egyptology.

who wish to take archrieological photographs the ingénions apparatus
which Dr. Wreszinski describes in the Orientalistische Literaturzeitung
xiii. 301, for illuminating the walls of tombs with acétylène burners, would
seem to be a very commendable and practical aid.

An old project of Captain Lyons has taken shape in a Bibliography of
scientific and techniccd litcrature relating to Egypt, 1800-1900, compilée! by
G. D. Sherborn, of which a preliminary édition luis been issued by the
Egyptian Survey department for revision by personsiinterested. While on
the subject of Bibliography I may mention the General Index to the
Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology, 1899-1908, compiled
by Mr. Nash.

Sir Gaston Maspeeo has piïnted in the first part of volume x. of the
Annales du Service des Antiquités several notes for the Folklorist—on a
will-of-the-wisp temple in the désert west of Abusimbel and on afrits in
Upper Egypt, and puts on record a phenomenon somewhat like that of the
vocal Memnon at Thebes, but this time at Edfu. After Mr. Carter's
temporary repairs (with iron girders) sounds like revolver shots issued
from the stones twice daily, soon after sunrise and towards sunset. ïhese
were frequently heard by Europeans while M. Barsanti's final repairs
were in progress, but ceased when they were complète. Attention may
be drawn also to a short article in Man 1910, no. 11, containing a large
number of folk-lore notes from Egypt and Nubia by Mr. A. M. Blackman.

Excavations and Explorations.

(a) Work in 1909-10, including Repairs, etc.

The following communications bave been received :—
From Dr. Eandall MacIver :—

" The work of the Eckley Coxe Junr. Expédition of the University of
Pennsylvania was continued on the site of Behen near Halfa, from the
beginning of January to the middle of May. The most important resuit
was the excavation of the northern temple as well as of ail the buildings
surrounding it and lying between it and the well-known temple built by

" The northern temple had become much silted up with sand since its
excavation by Captain Lyons at the time of the military occupation of
Halfa. So much of it as has been visible for the last five years is of New
Empire date, and was built in its présent form by Amenhotp IL, whose
loading ...