Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1909-1910

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Peogeess of Egypïology.

kere, who also offîciated at the pyramids of Asesa and Pepy I. Bec. de
Travaux, xxxii. 40.

Tel Tibla near Dikernes. Various finds, ineluding an inscribed statue
of a gênerai in the metropolis of the Vllth nome. Muh. Eff. Chabâk,
Ann. x. 28.

Suez Canal. M. ClÉdat gives an account of the efforts made to
préserve the antiquities found during the excavation of the canal, and
publishes the complète inscriptions on a monument re-erected by Eameses IL
to Horus of Mesen, half of which is at Kantara while the other half was
transported to Port Said. [M. Clédat apparently believes that the monu-
ment was brought to Kantara by the canal officiais, but this does not at ail
agrée with my remembrance of its position on the ancient tell far away
from the canal-workers' camp.] Bec. de Trav. xxxi. 113. Notes on the
neighbourhood of Gebel Maryam, five kilomètres south of Ismailia, where
many small antiquities were found during the excavation of the canal.
id. ib. xxxii. 193.

Sebbonis. Eeport on work at Mehemdîa with discovery of a bath,
temple and large cemetery ail of Eoman âge and style, proposing to
identify it, and not El Qess, as Mount Casius. Clédat, C.B. 1909, 764.

Publication of Texts.


(a) From sites in Egypt, etc. :—

Wady Halfa. Photographs proving that Hatshepsut built at the
XVIIIth Dynasty temple. Inscription of year 23 of Tethmosis III. and
other détails. Beeasted, P.S.B.A. xxxi. 269 {cf. Scott-Monceieff, ib. 333,
Beeasted, American Journal of Scmitic Languages, xxvi. 162, for the
controversy connectée! therewith).

Edfu. A substantial volume of inscriptions with outline drawings of
the scènes and photographs forming the first fascicule of a publication
of the Birth Temple. Chassinat, Le Mammeisi d'Edfou, lst fasc. (Mem, of
the Erench Institute, tome XVI.).

Inscription on a limestone statuette. Maspeeo, Ann. x. 6.

Tiiebes, East bank. Long and remarkable litany of Ammon, of
Eameses IL, in the temple of Luxor. The god is addressed according to his
localities and attributes and ail gootl things are attributed to him. Beneath
the inscription are human figures symbolising the régions whence various
minerais are obtained. Daeessy, Bec. de Trav. xxxii. 62.

In the court north of pylon VIL at Karnak Legeain lias succeeded in
restoring a number of newly-found blocks of the great inscription of
loading ...