Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1909-1910

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Brogress of Egyptology.

Meroô, with a plan of the peripteral temple at Messawarat, a fine
sculptured and inscribed placpie of tlie lion-god with a king, and other
illustrations, ib. 57.

Three Meroitic graffiti from Gebel Abu Dirwa near Dakka. Bâtes,
Bulletin, No. 5 of Arch. Survey of Nuhia, p. 10.

Léo Eeinisch continues his researches into the languages of N.E. Africa
with a study of tlie linguistic portion of the Nuba language, comparing
the ITamitic languages (including Egyptian). He considéra that the
(agglutinative) Nuba forms a link between the inflected Hainitic and the
agglutinative Nilotic languages, its closest relation on the Hainitic side
being the Agau group, with which it has many connexions in vocabulary,
and even in grammar. The Nuba dialects of Kordofân (see above, p. 25)
were of course still practically unknown to him. Die sprachlichc Stellung
des Nuba.

H. A. MacMiohael publishes copies of rock pictures at Jebel Haraga
and Jebel Afarît in northern Kordofân, representing horsemen, camels and
warriors. Soine are chipped in the stoiie, but most are in red or black
pigment. Anthropological Journal, xxxix. 562.

Philology and Palaeograpuy.

Treatise on verbal complexes in Egyptian as indicated by the position
of enclitics. The work is exhaustive of the Ôld and Middle Kingdom
periods. H. Abel, Zur Tonverschmehung im Altaegyptischen.

Bissing on name of the Mie on an Ethiopian monument, 1. 44 o'f the

Chnemhotp inscription, the reading of |. Bec, de Trav. xxxii. 45-46.
Blackman identifies the puzzling hieroglyph ^ with the mifrakeh

' rubber ' or stirrer used in making lentil porridge by Nubians and
Egyptians, of which he found Graeco-Eoman examples at Behnesa, Mail,
1909, No. 96.

Eameses, properly Eê'mésese changing to Eamesse. Calice, À.Z. xlvi.

<^ I = pds 'coffer'; fal-thau = "catch-breeze," 'sail'; nmrw mooring post;

-° 1 n
,_— h' ; 'hnvjJi' 'fear'; 1-a = sm'; mtivn "bull-fight," "arena" ; Chnem-
hotp 184-186 " lie ruled his city in infancy, and, before lie had put off the
wrapper, he performed a royal mission " ; za-ta " approach (?)." Dévaud,

Sphinx, xiii. 89-118. Change of (| to -—o; criticism of Erman's rule of
syntactical order of words (" direct object précèdes indirect "), tending to
loading ...