Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1909-1910

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Arciiaeology, Hieroglypiiic Sïudies, Etc.

Bômischen Mythologie elaborate articles on Satis, Seehmet (Sachmis),
Schow (Sos or Slm).

Spiegelbeeg draws attention to what appears to be a représentation of
the soul as a fish on a very late coffin, Archiv fur Beligionswissenschaft,
xii. ovi : on the name of the god Geb or Gebg(b). id. A.Z. xlvi. 141.

P. Vikey bas printed seven lectures on the Egyptian religion delivered
at the Institut catholique of Paris, La religion de l'ancienne Égypte,,with
a good index.

Wiedemann bas written a pamphlet on Egyptian amulets, Die Amulette
der alten Aegyptcr, in the popular séries Pas alte Orient.


E. Meyee bas found a new fragment of Manetho's taie of tlie lamb
winch propbesied to Bokchors in a collection of sayings attributed to
Plutarcb. A.Z. xlvi. 135.

Science, Anthropological Illustrations, Etc.

In a lecture on the History of Mummification in Egypt delivered in
May, 1910, Prof. Elliot Smith traces the invention of artifioial mummifying
to the fact that as the civilisation developed the more elaborate entombments
tended to the destruction of the corpse by air and damp, whereas the
simple laying of the body in bot and dry sand of the earliest times had
been a perfect preservative. He quotes a number of instances winch bave
lately corne to ligbt of embalmment dating from the Old Kingdom, and
figures a bead of the Vth Dynasty encased in a resinous paste coming
from Dr. Eeisner's excavations at Giza. Proc. Boy. Philosophical Soc. of

ïhe Manchester Muséum lias published a detailed description with
mimerons plates of an intact tomb-find of the Xllth Dynasty made by
Flinders Pétrie at Eîfa. The tomb contained the coffins and furniture of
two brotbers in very fine préservation. Dr. Jolm Gameeon and five
otber scientists examine the mummified bodies, the chemical constituents
of the mummies, the colouring matter and texture of the linen wrappings,
and Miss M. A. MURRAY as an Egyptologist edits the inscriptions and the
entire memoir, The Tomb of Two Brothers, which is a model of how sucli
work should be done.

Article on the relations of Egyptology and Ethnography. Eoucart,
Sphinx, xiii. 122.

Iïevillout bas completed bis Femme dans l'antiquité égyptienne by the
loading ...