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Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1909-1910

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Gkaeco-Eoman Egypt. 53

careful work, whose value is not confinée! to its grammatical results,
since it contains incidentally not a little évidence as to the literary
history of the Greek Old Testament. A single spécial point, the use of
the optative in Egyptian papyri, is the subject of a dissertation by
C. Harsing,40 in winch ail the known instances are classified and

Not many facsimiles of papyri have been published during the past
year, but the new part of the New Palaeographical Society's publications41
contains reproductions of two of the documents from Alexandria, of the
latter part of the first century b.c., recently edited by Schubart (no. 17
above). Thèse, which are dated between 15 and 5 b.c., are welcome
additions to our knowledge of the Greek palaeography of the reign of

F. G. Kenyon.

P.S.—Since the above Eeport was written, I have seen the first
instalment of M. Jean Maspero's catalogue of the Byzantine papyri in
the Cairo Muséum,42 but can only briefly mention it. It deals with the
sixth-century documents obtained by M. Lefebvre at Kom Ishgau, and
contains 59 administrative texts (rescripts, pétitions, tax-receipts,
accounts, etc.) relating to Aphrodite or Antaeopolis, and 30 piïvate
letters from the same locality, with 23 good facsimiles.

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