Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1909-1910

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Christian Egypt.



1. Biblical.—In 1905 J. Schleifek made copies of several biblical
fragments in the British Muséum, which he now publishes 1 : they repre-
sent Deut. xxxii, 30-43 ; 1 Kings ii, 1-10 ; Job vi, 19-25 ; Proverbs xv,
24-xvi, 7; Isaiah v, 17-vi, 2, xxx, 11-14, xl, 24-xli, 10, xlii, 6-7, 10-12,
xlv, 16-20, 1, 11-li, 15, lxiii, 15-lxvi, 1; Jeremiab ii, 4-5, iv, 22-2(5,
28-29, 30-v, 1, 3-0, xxxviii, 3.1-33; Hosea vi, 0-10, and Habakkuk iii,
2-7. Some of thèse are new, or only parfcially published before : some
were printed last year by Winstedt (v. last Report, 54), but as the
latter were copied, as W. says, " in two fleeting visits to the Muséum,"
it is satisfactory to have Schleifer's corrections and more minute textual

Some corrections in (the bistorical books of) the O.ï. texts published from
Paris MSS. by Maspero (v. Report, 1892-93, 32) have been published2 by
S. Gaselee. They are mostly verbal, but one or two omissions, due to
homocotcleuton, make a correction necessary in the apparatus criticus (as
regards the Sa'idic testimony) of the new Cambridge LXX : he also adds
10 verses (just filling a gap in published texts) in Tobit iv. Some
variants are given in Numbers xi, Deut. i, and Jos. i, from a Katameros
in the Cambridge University Library, and a British Muséum Holy Week
Lectionary is suggested as worthy to be added to tlie Bohairic MSS. of the
Pentateuch enumerated by Brooke (v. Report, 1901-02, 48).

Sir Herbert Tliompson's publication of parts of the Wisdom books of
the O.T. (v. last Report, 54) is reviewed by Crum,3 who dévotes some
attention to the "make-up" of the papyrus volume and others similar to
it : also by Wiedemann,4 Leipoldt 5 and Carl Schmidt.0 Leipoldt having
ascribed the popularity of Wisdom-literature among the Copts (as evidenced
by the comparatively large amount that lias corne down to us) to the
innate [ancient] Egyptian partiality to such literature, Schmidt objects
that such a conclusion is unnecessary, as the monastic feeling which
naturally took the Psalms as sources of dévotion would equally naturally
go to the Wisdom books of the O.T. for morality and philosophy.
Schmidt in his review also protests (without necessarily especial référence
to Tliompson's book) against the overloading of the apparatus criticus of

* I owe several références to the kindness of Mr. Crum. I fear that this cliapter
will compare very uufavouraUly with tlie very elaborate and complète surveys that
Mr. Crum has given in past years.
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