Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1909-1910

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Progkess of Egyptology.

are published 42 by S. Giîébaut, shows the horror with which the Egyptian
monks regarded St. Leo's Epistola dogmatica ad Flavianum, and the
détermination with which they refused to accept it.

j. Lebon's preliminary study of Timothy Aelurus (y. last Report, 59) has
now43 been expanded into a full account of the Monophysite résistance to
the Council of Chalcedon up to the constitution of the Jacobite Church.
The chapter on Severus contaius much thafc is new for the study of this
period and of the Patriarchal History. The book is reviewed44 at Iength
by J. Flamion.

The article45 " Canons Apostoliques " in Cabrol's dictionary, by Lecleucq,
contains an account of the Egyptian texts both of the Canoncs ecclesiaslici
and of the Apostolic constitutions.

5. History, Lcgcnds, etc.—Chu. Papadopoulos tells the story40 of the
earliest days of the Church of Alexandria, with a study of the historical
value of the accounts of St. Mark's Egyptian preaching as found in the
Mavtyrdoms and the Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles.

Nau continues47 his édition of the Greek Apophtlicgmata Patrum
(y. last Report, 61) : to économise space, lie omits the translation, referring
his readers to the parallel Latin translation in Migne.

A welcome instalment,48 double the size of its predecessors, of the
Patriarchal History (v. Reports 1903-04, 80, and 1904-05, 77), cornes
from Evetts ; beginning now to give less formai accounts of the Patriarchs,
the story is carried on from Agathon (661-677) to Michael I (744-768) ;
to the latter nearly 220 pages, out of 469 from the beginning, are devoted.
Seybold has also produced 48a another instalment of his édition.

The second part49 of Cheikho's édition of the Anncds of the Melchite
Patriarch Eutychius has now appeared.

Two Arabie leaves at Bveslau, deseribed somewhat vaguely by Brockel-
mann as forming part of Makrizi's Christian sources, are identified4911 by
Seybold as from the History of the World of El Makin.

The Arabie text and translation of the history of Abraham the Syrian,
62nd Patriarch, is published60 by L. Leroy.

WlNSTEDT continues51 his séries of Coptic Saints and Sinners, with the
story of Psote = Absâdî ; lie publishes and translates MSS. (B.M. 347 and
Clar. Press 55) of the legend, and will continue with three more fragments
in Paris and Eome.

The revisedand extended Greek Hagiography 62 of the Bollandists,due to
the care of Deleiiaye, contains particulars and références to documents
about many Egyptian saints.

Two Egyptian saints are concerned in Nau's publication63 of the Syriac
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