Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1910-1911

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


inscriptions indicated that the ancient name of Faras was Pakhoras, and
it seems possible that Faras is also to be identified with the mediaeval
Begrash. It was certainly one of the leading cities of Lower Nubia.

"The Sudan Government, through Mr. Drummoxd, allowed us to take
home all their share of the antiquities that we required for study or
repairs, to be returned later. The whole collection is now in Oxford
awaiting distribution until another season's work has made our investiga-
tions more complete."

Mr. Weigall sends the following notes on the year's work in the
inspectorate of Upper Egypt: —

" The continuation of the work of repairing and safeguarding the tombs,
or rather mortuary chapels, of the nobles at Thebes has been the most
conspicuous feature of our year's labours. There are now about two
hundred of these wonderful monuments properly cared for and open to
scholars; and I have the great satisfaction of being able to say that
there is not a single mortuary chapel known to us to be in any way
decorated or iuscribed which is exposed to danger, with the exception of
a few that are still inhabited by the natives. Of these we have managed
to obtain five this year by expropriation, but it is expensive and difficult
work. Money, as usual, has been forthcoming from Mr. Eobert Mond,
to whose generosity we owe so much ; H.M. the King of Saxony gave me
£20 for this work; and other persons have contributed towards it. 1
should like it to be understood that we dig out these monuments only
for the purpose of safeguarding them, and we never try to discover new
material, but strictly confine ourselves to work upon mortuary chapels
either exposed or whose location is known to the natives, which places
them in peril of destruction. 1 hope to publish, this coming year, a
report on the work, and I shall there give full reasons for my belief that
monuments which have been examined and reburicd are in grave danger,
and that it is necessary to dig out as quickly as possible every chapel
known to the natives, and to fit each one with an iron door, placing it in
■charge of a watchman. I beg your readers to look at this report when
it comes out, in order to realise the immense value of these Theban
mortuary chapels, for the safeguarding of which I am always anxious to
get money.

" Monsieur Barsanti has been entrusted with the repairing of the
Temple of Seti I. at Gurneh, which was in a very bad state; and the
^vork is in full swing. It is too early yet to see whether the picturesque

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