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Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1910-1911

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


papyri and ostraca. The great importance of these texts for the study of
Egyptian manners and customs is well known ; they have heen somewhat
neglected for many years, and the value of Gardiner's edition is thereby
enhanced, so that after his elaborate and illuminating study they read
almost like new documents. The work is admirably planned and its con-
tinuation will be eagerly looked for. Egyptian Hieratic Texts, series I.,
Literary texts of the Ncvj Kingdom, Part I.


Dr. Budge has edited for the British Museum a large volume of photo-
graphic Facsimiles of Egyptian Hieratic Papyri, with transcriptions, etc.
The documents contained in it are:—

(1) The Bremner-Rhind Papyrus in 33 columns, important for its date
in the reign of Alexander Aegus, and containing religious texts of great
interest. It was already known through Dr. Budge's transcripts into

(2) The Papyrus Harris 501, of the XXth Dynasty, the famous magical
papyrus edited by Chabas.

(3) A complete calendar of lucky and unlucky days, attributed by Dr.
Budge to Dynasty XXII. It is a bare calendar without notes or explana-
tions : it disagrees with the calendar of Sallier IV., and the epagomenal
days are omitted. The calendar is followed by two hymns to the Sun and

(4) A papyrus of the New Kingdom containing the greater part of a
version of the Proverbs of Ptahhotp. This is an extremely interesting
supplement to the publication named below.

(5) Sir J. G. Wilkinson's copy of the hieratic texts of the Book of the
Dead on the coffin of a queen Menthotp, the original of which has long
since been lost.

The Proverbs of Ptahhotp are magnificently illustrated by Jequier in
sixteen photographic plates, giving facsimiles of the famous early Prisse
Papyrus in the Bibliotheque Nationale with some parallel fragments of
early date in the British Museum and the Introduction to the Proverbs on
Lord Carnarvon's tablet from Thebes. Lc Papyrus Prisse et scs variants.

The third volume of the Hicratische Papyrus aus den Kbniglichen Muscen
zu Berlin, an earlier portion of which gave us the papyri of the VIth
Dynasty from Elephantine, has been completed in a second part, contain-
ing facsimiles of the " Spells for mother and child " in fifteen pages of a
papyrus of the middle of the XVIIIth Dynasty, and of a large selection of
the ostraca (selected for their interest or on account of their perishableness).
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