Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1910-1911

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Progress of Egyptology.

These ostraca include one of the Vlth Dynasty, several of the Xllth
and the Hyksos period, .others of the New Kingdom, and one of the
Roman age. The subjects are very varied. Most of them are facsimiled
and transcribed by Dr. A. H. Gardiner, the rest by Moller.


In 1897 the late Prof. Krall published an important literary papyrus
of about the third century a.d. containing an historical novel relating
to the period of the Dodecarchy with king Petubastis as its hero, and the
strife between the princes of Egypt over the cuirass of a certain Ina.ros as
the theme. Seven years later Prof. Spiegelberg obtained another literary
text of the beginning of the first century a.d., which also turned out to be
an historical novel, the plot of which lay in the same age with much the
same dramatis piersonae; in this case the bone of contention was a certain
charge on temple property. Spiegelberg has now edited the new text,
including some fragments obtained later by de Eicci, in photographic
facsimile, and at the same time re-edits Krall's text from the published
copy. Krall's work upon the difficult and very fragmentary tale was
remarkably good, but the progress marked by this new edition, as might
be expected, is very great. The large vocabulary of the two stories is fully
registered in the indices, and the whole work, with transliteration,
translation, and commentary, forms an exceedingly important contribution
to demotic studies. Der Sagmhreis des Konigs Petubastis (Bemotische
Studien, Heft 3).

Another product of Spiegelberg's school is an edition by Lexa of a
demotic papyrus in the Bibliotheque Rationale, written for Pamont in
63 a.d., and furnishing a kind of translation into demotic of the important
125th chapter of the Book of the Dead, the trial before Osiris. It is of
special interest as giving equivalents of religious terms in the two widely
separated stages of the language. Brugsch published a useful copy more
than sixty years ago, but the present elaborate edition with photographic
plates brings the study of it up to date. Das demotische Totenbuch der
Pa/riser Nationalbibliothek.


From Prof. Petrie's School has issued a volume of Historical Studies by
five authors. Several of the contributions belong strictly to the domain
of history, others rather to archaeology. Knobel carries Oppolzer's
calculations regarding the heliacal rising of Sirius back through two
Sothic periods, and gives a table of dates of Sothic risings and firsts of
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