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Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1910-1911

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


Kab. He "would put the creation of the title for Ahmosi, son of
Panekhabi, under Tethmosis I., and terminate the series under
Tethmosis IV., thus making them run parallel to the " Eoyal Sons of
Kush." He suggests that they governed the northern half of Nubia to
the Second Cataract, until their extinction, while the rule of the Eoyal
Sons of Kush was confined until then to the southern region.
Ann. x. 193.

Statuette (headless) of Amenhotp III. resembling those of Akhenaton,
but stouter, and clothed in a fringed Asiatic garment. Chassinat,
Bulletin, vii. 169.

The ushabti figures of the time of Akhenaton. Legrain, Ann. x. 107.
Titles attributed to Tutankhamon. Gauthier, Ann. x. 202. On the
princess Bakt-Amon perhaps the same as Bakt-Aton. id. ib. 207.

Sethe enumerates the badges of honour recorded in the texts as con-
ferred by kings of the XVIIIth Dynasty—the " gold of valour," " lions "
of courage, and " bees" of industry, and adds a new one, " hearts " of
affection, given by Amenhotp II. to Sennefer, as is recorded in the Tomb
of the Vines. A.Z. xlviii. 143.

Large cartouches of Sety I. on Gebel abu Foda. Weigall, Ann. xi. 171.

Cartouches of Bamesses II. on a vase from Tell Basta (published Ann.
ix. 91). Ahmed Bey Kamal. Aim. xi. 43.

Cartouches of Bamesses II. at Kalabsha and on a block on Philae.
Maspero, Ann. xi. 155, 156.

Maspero publishes the text of a stela at Abu Simbel of Bamesses
Siptah (usually classed as Bamesses IX. in the XXth Dynasty), set
up by Seti, viceroy of Kush, and shows that he is identical with the
king Siptah of the XlXth Dynasty. The XXth Dynasty is hereby
reduced to thirteen kings by abolishing its least satisfactory member.
Ann. x. 131.

Petrie examines the numbers of different kinds of offerings made by
Bamesses III., recorded in the Harris Papyrus, and draws a number of
interesting and ingenious conclusions from them as to festivals, etc.
Historical Studies, 1.

Gardiner publishes and explains a scene in the tomb of Setau at El
Kab, representing Bamesses III. receiving the shrine of the goddess
Kekhbet sent to Bamses to take part in the royal jubilee. A.Z. xlviii. 47.

Legraix publishes and discusses the inscriptions of a statue from
Thebes naming a Hermopolite kinglet Thutemhe, whom he shows to have
been contemporary with Osorkon III. Ann. x. 101.

Griffith suggests that Herodotus, in stating that the twelve kings of

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