Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1910-1911

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Peogeess of Egyptology.

Distinction between meanings of ® "beginning" and J "first."
Mahlee, O.L.Z. xiv. 145.
o a jar sealing of mud. Blackman, Man, 1911, No. 10.
Dr. Seligmann and Miss Mueeay, in a fully illustrated paper giving

the various forms of the ^ sa sign, argue that it represents the uterus and
its appendages.

^ mr, perhaps a hair-pin. Weigall, Ann. xi. 176. Curious combina-
tion of -a and and picture-hieroglyph of Khnum forming the king

on a potter's wheel, id. ib.

Pun on the prenomen of Eamesses III. in representation of an offering.
Wiedemann, P.S.B.A. xxxiii. 165.

New evidence for the value hm of 0' Loret, Sphinx, xiv. 143.

Discussion of the passage of Clemens Alexandrinus wbich relates to
Egyptian writing. Maeestaing, Bee. de Trav. xxxiii. 8.

Mollee makes the very curious observation that the symbols represent-
ing the six subdivisions of the corn-measure, traceable as far back as the
Vlth Dynasty, are simply the elements of the figure of the eye of
Horus A.Z. xlviii. 99.

Moller has produced two more parts of his Hieratische Lesestiieke,
corresponding to the second volume of his admirable Hieratische Palaeo-
graphie which appeared last year and tabulated the forms of hieratic from
the XVIIIth to the XXIst Dynasty. The second part of the Lesestiieke
contains excellent facsimiles of literary texts of the New Kingdom, and
the third part facsimiles of epistolary legal and business papyri of the New
Kingdom (including the whole of the Abbott Papyrus), and specimens of
hieratic as used in later times. Eeviewed by Eanke, O.L.Z. xiv. 130,
Gaediner, Man, Oct. 1910, No. 90.

Montet quotes examples showing the use of the diacritical point for
distinguishing like signs in early hieratic. A.Z. xlviii. 96.

A disputed demotic group for Hor. Eeich, Sphinx, xv. 36.


Capaet contributes an essay on Egyptian religion, followed by a
bibliography, to the Revue du Clerge Francais, 1 Nov. 1910. He holds that
the Egyptian religion is too great a mixture to serve as a type religion,
but must rather be studied in the light of other religions.
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