Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1910-1911

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Progress of Egyptology.

Technical examination of linen of the Illrd Dynasty from Medum,
Midgley, Hist. St. 37.

Personal, etc.

On the occasion of the centenary of Lepsius' birth (June 29, 1811),
Professor Erman pronounced a remarkable discourse before the Berlin
Academy upon the scientific accomplishments of the scholar, showing the
great place which he holds in the history of Egyptology, as having
solidified the brilliant work of Champollion, having organised and led the
Prussian expedition to Egypt, and having given to the world the cream of
his labour in well-thought-out treatises. He was destitute of the usual
enthusiasm of Egyptologists; his precise and logical mind preferred
observing facts to wandering in the field of conjecture; this helps to
explain amongst other things his abandonment of Egyptian philology.
The diaries of the expedition show marvellous understanding of all that he
saw, and although he failed to publish the text of the Denhmdler, his
works remain of value even now, and are models of classification. In
excavation, too, the work of the Prussian expedition, carried out largely
by Erbkam, is the true predecessor of modern scientific excavation.
Sitzb. Berl. Ac. 1911, 706. The 48th volume of the Zeitschrift fiir
Aegyptische Sprache und Alteriumskunde, of which he was editor from its
second to its twenty-second year, is dedicated to his memory; a fine
portrait of him in his old age by his son, Beinhardt Lepsius, forms the
frontispiece, and is followed by the Egyptological essays of twenty-eight

Wiedemann notes that Champoleon engraved on a proto-Doric column
in the colonnade of Tethmosis III. at Karnak must belong to the
decipherer, who sported with this form of name. Wiedemann, P.S.B.A.
xxxiii. 170.

Foucart reviews the CEuvres de Chabas, tome V., in the Bibliotheque
Hgyptologique, and criticises the inclusion of certain obsolete polemics
having no relation to Egyptology. Sphinx, xiv. 198.

The Egyptological obituary includes the names of E. Ledrain, died
16 Eeb. 1910, aged 66, who published several Egyptological works from
1878 to 1881 (S. E. in Rev. Arch. iv. ser. t. xvi. 152); A. Ehone, author
of the popular L'Bgypte a Petites Journees, and a great friend of Mariette,
died 7 June, 1910, aged 74 (ib.); Ch. Palanque, late member of the
Erench Institute at Cairo, died in Erance 9 Dec. 1910, aged 44 {Bulletin
vii. 177); and lastly, of the veteran J. D. C. Lieblein, whose Dictionnaire
des noms propres 7iic7'oglyphiques has been a standard work of reference for
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