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Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1910-1911

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Gkaeco-Koman Egypt. 59

notes, illustrating the statements set forth in the first volume. The whole
of this part is the work of Wilcken, who once again establishes his incon-
testable claim to be the master of all papyrological knowledge. The
second part deals with papyri from the legal point of view, and this is in
the extremely capable hands of Mitteis. The first volume explains the
technicalities, not only of law in the more restricted sense of the term,
but of the whole documentary method of the administration, both in
Ptolemaic and in Eoman times; while the second volume, as before, con-
tains the illustrative texts, 382 in number. The whole constitutes a quite
invaluable handbook, not only for students who are entering on the
subject, but for all who are concerned in it. It sums up, with ample
references, all that is at present known, and provides a basis for further
investigations, and a framework into which to insert future discoveries.
The warmest thanks are due to the two scholars who have performed this
task as none, perhaps, but they could have performed it.

The third part of Comparetti's edition of the literary and epistolary
papyri at Florence31 has also appeared just in time to be mentioned in this
Report. It continues the publication of the correspondence of Heroninus,
and completes it by the inclusion of texts or descriptions of twelve
unpublished letters belonging to this collection in other museums. The
total of the texts composing this correspondence of a local official in the
Fayurn amounts to 160, not including those which have been already
published elsewhere. Though mostly short, and of no great interest, these
letters form the largest group of papyri associated with a single person
that has yet come to light. Photographs of 63 of them are given in the
text. At the end of the volume is appended a new edition of the frag-
ment of a letter-book of military correspondence, of the latter part of the
second century, already published by Comparetti in the Melanges Nicole.
Some lines of Latin writing occur in it, which are given in facsimile.


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