Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1910-1911

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Christian Egypt.


little acnTCL(T\xo<$ to Horsiese from a Paris MS., remarking that it would
have fitted in with one addressed to Shenoute printed by Junker, and that
he might have gleaned further scraps from other fragments in Paris. Von
Lemm makes 30 some miscellaneous suggestions on the text and translation
of the poems in no. xcvi of his Miscellen.

One of the amulets from this year's Oxyrhynchus volume was mentioned
in the first section, as it contained biblical matter: but there are several
others31. One shows a curious Christianisation of the questions put to
pagan deities: " God of our patron St. Philoxenus, dost thou bid us take
Anouf to thy hospital ? " A somewhat elaborate charm against fever and
other ills quotes the opening verses of St. John's Gospel and appeals to
Saints Serenus, Philoxenus, Victor, and Justus: another small amulet
uses Jewish as well as Christian incantations.

L. AriLLECODET completes32 his publication (v. last Report, 58) of the
Coptic rite for the profession of nuns: it consists of two parts, in which
the cap (Maft) and the schema are successively conferred. He prints the
texts with variants and translation.

Claudius Labib Bey has produced the Theotokia33 in a handsome form.
Although it follows the general lines of Tula's edition, there are considerable
differences, not only in the. natural inclusion of Monophysite saints, but in
several new hymns : especial mention may be made of acrostic hymns to
St. Castor, St. Damiana, and the Apostles.

A study 34 of the Ethiopic Synaxarium by I. Guidi, who shows that it
was translated from the Arabic in the second half of the fifteenth century by
one Simon the Egyptian, priest and monk in the monastery of St. Anthony,
and revised, especially by the addition of Abyssinian saints, at the begin-
ning of the seventeenth century. Guidi has now published the second 35
instalment of his edition of this Synaxarium, containing the month of
Hamle (= 8th July-6th August).

4. Church Literature.—PiOESCH follows up his preliminary Akhmimic
grammar (v. Report 1908-09, 65) by a publication 30 of the complete text
of the Strasburg papyrus which contains large fragments of I Clement,
supplying apparatus criticus, short notes, and translation. He considers
at great length the textual relation of this version with the Berlin
Akhmimic I Clement, discussing the peculiarities and errors of the
Coptic translations, the relation of both to other versions and the Greek
original, and comes to the conclusion that the two representatives of
I Clement in Akhmimic are quite independent, and that the Strasburg
papyrus represents the better Ueberlieferung of the two. The present
publication should be considered as the complement and completion of

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