Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1910-1911

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Pbogbess of Egyptology.

nos. lxxxvi and lxxxviii he deals with single lexicographical points
occurring in these homilies. A review59 by Weyh has also appeared,
who calls attention to the unique nature of the complete papyrus

E. Tisseeant gives60 from a Borgian Arabic MS. a list of lessons in the
Holy Week offices which profess to be taken from Shenoute's works.
Some of these are doubtless identical with those already published in
Bohairic by Bouriant in Rec. de Trav. vii. 88 sqq.

C. H. Lopaeev studies further01 his newly-discovered Melchite Patriarch
Athanasius II (v. Report 1908-09, 62), and gives a list of the literary
remains that may be attributed to him.

It is difficult here in Europe to hear within the year of religious books
published for the modern Copts. Even if these are somewhat out of date,
mention may be made of the first part of a Life02 of Christ according to
Ibn el-Asal's harmony of the four Gospels, with the commentary of Abu
'1-Farag, published at " the new Coptic book-shop in Clot-Bey Street" ;
of the miracles63 of the Virgin, from the sayings of the Coptic
Bathers, published at the expense of the merchant, George Hanin, of
Zagazig; and of a commentary0i on Genesis, taken from an old
manuscript, with a few illustrations.

5. History, Legends, &c.—In a note65 on the stories of the sojourn of the
Holy Family in Egypt, published by Nau and Dib (v. last Report, 61),
P, P[eetees] remarks that it would be worth while to compose a Corpus
of this cycle of legends. He suggests some improvements in Dib's
vocalisation of proper names from the Arabic.

The long articleCG " Cenobitisme " in Cabrol's Dictionary, by Leclercq,,
contains a full account of the rise of monasticism in Egypt. L. depends
to a considerable extent on the work of Ladeuze, but does not by any
means follow him slavishly. He comes to the interesting conclusion that
the influence of Shenoute on Egyptian coenobitism, in spite of his great,
personal prestige, was very small.

An investigation66a into the Christian sanctuary of Aboukir, by
L. Duchesne, contains an account of the change of Menouthi from a
heathen to a Christian place of pilgrimage, and of the veneration of
Ss. Cyrus and John. The former even gained a place of worship in Piome,
long known under the corrupted form of Santa Pacera or Passera.

In the shape of one of the Bollandists' " Subsidia Hagiographica"
Peetees produces an invaluable bibliography 6' of Oriental saints, with
references to all published fragments, even the smallest, of their works and
the legends concerning them. Among them are a very large number of
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