Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1910-1911

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Progress of Egyptology.

shite—shiti, showing that various forms of three different roots have been

It has been suggested that the official name apellon occurring in John
of Mkion was derived from ifijSaXKwv or from p-hello. Jean Maspero
would explain 93a it by the ductus litter arum in the Arabic transliteration
(atribun) of tribunus, which might easily be corrupted into abelun.

It is pleasant to see that the gift of good polemical writing has not been
lost at Upsala. With the same vigour as that with which the late
Karl Piehl used to attack the " Berlin school," K. V. Zettersteen
combats94 Andersson's claim to have anticipated Spiegelberg's conclusions
on the particle je in Eec. de Trav. xxx. 142.

The fourth part95 of Claudius Lamb's Coptic-Arabic Dictionary has now
appeared. A fasciculus of 160 pages, it embraces the part of the Alphabet
between Tau and Psi.

An exhaustive vocabulary of the Greek words occurring in both versions
of the Psalms has been made95a by Wessely ; they are classified into lists
according as they appear in one dialect or both, and their equivalents in
the Greek text are given. Not only is this work of great value in itself,
but it should serve as a model of a task that ought to be done for the
whole of Coptic literature as a necessary supplement to the Coptic lexicon.

Budge's Nubian Texts are reviewed by E. Andersson 96 and C. Schmidt 97.
The latter remarks that the volume is less an edition than a facsimile,
and would have desired further information about the new language to be
given in the introduction. He hopes that at some future time Griffith and
Schafer may together edit the London and Berlin Nubian material. Modern
Nubian is dealt with by L. Eeinisch 93, of whose work a convenient
summary,99 with some reference to these Christian texts, is given by
N. Eeich ; a review 100 by P. Leander has also appeared. Some portions
of the New Testament translated into modern Nubian by a native were
obtained101 by K. V. Zettersteen. I have not been able to see some
prolegomena to a Nubian grammar which I am told have appeared in
the Cairo Scientific Journal:

8. Art, Archaeology, Excavations.—J. Cledat 102 copied a few fragmentary
Greek inscriptions and one Coptic funerary stele on a journey through the
isthmus of Suez.

A wooden box, of which an illustration is given, is described103 by
G. Daressy as the travelling medicine-case of a Coptic physician. It
contains compartments for medicines and instruments.

Jean Maspero corrects104 the catalogue description of four Coptic
objects in the Cairo Museum—an incense-boat, a plate, a copper cross, and
loading ...