Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1910-1911

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Calendar of lucky and unlucky days. Budge. .... XX. 31.
Calendar of Medinefc Habu, the existence of a lunar year proved by.

Mahlee........... XX. 46.

Canoe or raft, flat with upturned prow, figured in scenes of the

New Empire, its survival in Nubia. Maspeeo. . . . XX. 40.

Cartonnages, two complete, found in a tomb at Atfieh without any

sign of actual burial. ........ XX. 12.

Cave-graves, the earliest form of grave in the Meroitic cemetery at

Faras........... XX. 18.

Cave-graves at Faras, heavy bronze anklets and bronze vessels

found in.......... XX. 18.

Census return from Antinoopolis, giving three new deme-names, in

the Oxyrhynchus papyri. ....... XX. 53.

Chambers, rock-cut, at Abydos. ...... XX. 4.

Chariot-official, an inscription of. ..... XX. 28.

Christian epitaph in Greek hexameters, from Panopolis. Meyee. . XX. 71.
Christian Greek texts from the Berlin collection.

Schmidt and Schubaet. . . . XX. 66.

Christian remains of the Sudan South of Wady Haifa, as far as

Soba, a Report on. Somees Clarke. ..... XX. 39.

Churches in Lower Nubia. Milehaji and Bandall-MacIveb. . XX. 40.

Clap-nets, the mechanism of. B£nedite. ..... XX. 47.

Clysma, its site identified with the modern Suez. Kuthmann. . XX. 36.

Coffins, model, and early Ushabtis. Nash. .... XX. 47.

Coin, a gold, with a horse on one side and nb nfr " good gold " on

the other. Chassinat....... XX. 47.

Cones, new inscriptions on, from Thebes. Chassinat. . . XX. 28.

Coptic rite for the profession of Nuns. Villecouet. . . . XX. 65.

Coptos, excavations at. Beinach. ...... XX. 26.

Corn-measure, the six subdivisions of are the elements of the

figure of the eye of Horus. Moller. ..... XX. 42.

Court to the North of the hypostyle hall at Qurna, is an Altar Court

for the worship of the sun-god. Maspeeo. .... XX. 45.

Cultivated plants, the origins of. Schweinfurth. . . . XX. 46.

Cuneiform transcriptions of Egyptian names of the 7th century ls.c.

Eanke. . . , . . XX. 41.

Cuneiform vocalisations in a where the Coptic has 5. Maspeeo. . XX. 41.

Cups, Meroitic, from Faras. . . . . . . . XX. 18.

Cyril, St., and Nestorius, the relations between. Nau. . . XX. 67.
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