Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1910-1911

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Lamps, Roman, found at Abydos. ...... XX. 5.

Latrines for the dead, in tombs near Abusir. .... XX. 23.

Liberius, Pope, a homily by on fasting. Lefobt. . . . XX. 66.

Linen from Medum, of the Illrd Dynasty, a technical examination

of. Midgley.......... XX. 48.

Livres dcs rois d'Egyptc. Part 2. Gauthiee. . . . . •. XX. 34.


Magistrianus and his companions. Eicci and Winstbdt.
Maharraqa, Report on the Temple of. Barsanti.
Manqabad, excavations at. Kamal. ....
Masks of cartonnage, from Ptolemaic graves at Atfieh.
Mastabas at Faras, in the Meroitic cemetery.

,, ,, African black-incised ware from.

,, ,, Hellenistic amphorae from.

,, „ Meroitic cups from. .......

„ of the 1st, Ilnd, and Illrd Dynasties, near Abusir.

Meanings of © " beginning " and | " first," distinction between.


Medicine-case of a Coptic physician. Dakessy. .
Medicine cup, labelled in demotic " the medicine daily -Jfth " from


Medum, excavations at. Petbie. ....
Meir, coffins and furniture of the Middle Kingdom from.
Memphis, sculptures and stelae from. ...
Mentembe, inscriptions of in the Temple of Mut at Thebes.

Menthotp, statue of from Karnak. Legbain.

Menthotp, Queen, Sir S. G. Wilkinson's copy of the Hieratic Texts
on the coffin. Budge. . ...

Meroitic altars and stelae from the necropolis at Meroe.
,, cemetery at Faras. .....

,, hieroglyphic text on an Altar from the pyramids of Meroe.


,, inscription from Amarna. Sayce.
,, objects found at Karanog. ....
,, sculptures and inscriptions from the Temples at Meroe.
Meshawesh, the Libyan tribe of, driven into Libya from Syria or

Asia Minor. Dabessy........XX. 39.
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