Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1910-1911

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Scarab of Rameses VIII. found at Abydos. ..... XX. 4.

,, with an unusual reference to Anubis. Wiedemann. . . XX. 43.
Seal - cylinder a, in the Ashniolean Museum, illustrated by
Egyptian scarabs showing drinking through syphons.

Mrs. Gbenpell..... XX. 38.

Sebu'a, Report on the Temple of. Babsanti. .... XX. 25.

Sehetep-netru, remains of the Temple so named in the Meroitic

cemetery at Faras. ........ XX. 18.

Semennud, description of the site of the Temple. Bdgae. . . XX. 27.

Semitic words in Egyptian demotic. Spiegelbeeg. . . . XX. 39.

Semti, King. Hall. ........ XX. 33.

Legge......... XX. 33.

Senk-Amen-seken, an Ethiopian king, his cartouche found at

Memphis. Dabessy........ XX. 39.

Sepulchral chambers below Hnd Dynasty mastabas at Abusir, too

small to allow of extended burials. ..... XX. 23.

Serapis at Sinope, the origin of confirmed by a coin of Sinope

showing a human foot surmounted by a bull's head. Eicci. . XX. 38.

Serbonis, lake, the ancient sites in the neighbourhood of. Cledat. XX. 27.

Set-animal, probably a giraffe. Bissing. ..... XX. 43.

Setau, viceroy, named on stelae at Wadi es Sahu'.

Baesanti and Gauthiee. . . XX. 28.

Setau, a scene in the tomb of at El Kab. Gaedinee. . . . XX. 35.

Setmosi, an ushabti of with the figure of the god Set close to the

name of Osiris. Wiedemann. ...... XX. 43.

Sety I., cartouches of on Gebel abu Foda. ..... XX. 35.

Sheik Said, excavations at. ...... XX. 27.

Sinube, the story of. Gaedinee. . . . . " . . XX. 41.

Skeleton found in the tomb of Nefermat at Medum, apparently

unfleshed before burial. ....... XX. 27.

Sorosnarti, an island at the South end of the Bab Kalabsha, a

legend explaining its name. Maspeeo. .... XX. 40.

Statue from Saft el Henna with local titles. .... XX. 29.

Statues from Bubastis......... XX. 29.

Stela, a family, of the Middle Kingdom. Nash..... XX. 30.

Stela of Naples, refers to the battle of Ipsus. Wiedemann. . . XX. 36.

Stelae from Bubastis, one carved with magical texts. . . . XX. 29.

Stone coffins in Ptolemaic graves at Atfieh, placed in rectangular pits. XX. 9.

Stone, and Pot-coffin area of the Ptolemaic period at Atfieh. . . XX. 9.

Strasburg, I. Clement, Biblical papyrus. Eoesch. . . . XX. 62.

Sudan ports on the Red Sea. Ceowfoot. ..... XX. 39.

Sun-clocks, two of stone in the Berlin Museum. Boechaedt. . XX. 46.
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