Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1911-1912

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


first chamber, with special figures of interesting details by Weigall. The
first part of the second volume, now issued, gives the scenes and inscrip-
tions of the chambers II.-IV., with explanations in part by Bollacher,
also a special chapter by the same on the Table of Offerings, and a note
by Muschler on the representations of plants in Vol. I. Mastaba des
Gemnikai, reviewed by Jequier, Sphinx, xvi. 91.

Giza. Sethe publishes and ingeniously interprets a unique tablet of
the Old Kingdom found in Steindorff's excavations before the valley-
temple of Chephren, recording the purchase of a house. Aegyptische
Inschrift auf den Kauf eines Hauses in Bericht of the Leipzig Ges.
d. Wissenschaften, Bd. 63, 135.

(b) From Museums, etc.:—

Cairo. A long chapter (numbered Ixxxvii.) from the religious texts of
the Middle Kingdom coffins. Lacau, Bee. de Trav. xxxiv. 175.

Naples. Fragments of a statue of Meneptah (?) and of a statue of
Osorkon I. in a private collection. Wiedemann, Sphinx, xvi. 14.

Avignon. Further instalments of stelae in the Musee Calvet. Moret,
Bee. de Trav. xxxiv. 87, 132.

Moscow. Eeman transcribes and edits a remarkable papyrus of the
Hyksos period formerly belonging to Golenischeff. It is quite perfect,
and contains morning hymns to the diadem of Sobk of the Faiyum; but
these hymns must have been composed originally for the diadem of the
king as an object of worship in his palace. Hymnen an das diadem der
Pharaonen in the Abhandlungen of the Berlin Academy, 1911.

London. Fifty hand-drawn plates of stelae of the Xllth and XHIth
Dynasties in the British Museum. Hieroglyphic Texts from Egyptian
Stelae, Part ii.


There are some remarkable graffiti in Old and Middle Kingdom hieratic
published in Boeder's Debod bis Bab Kalabsche, PL 106-9, 118-121,
including three commemorating the kings Uazkare and Hakare-Antef.

In Lord Carnarvon's Five Years' Explorations at Thebes a very
important and almost contemporary text referring to the Theban war
against the Hyksos is published with translation by Griffith, and letters,
etc., of about the same age with comments by Moller.


Professor Spiegelberg's principal publication for the year is not inferior
in interest to those which have preceded. From a number of potsherds,
loading ...