Rudiments of ancient architecture, containing an historical account of the five orders, with their proportions, and examples of each from antiques also, extracts from Vitruvius, Pliny, &c. relative to the buildings of the ancients — London, 1810 (4. Aufl.)

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far distant, is the sphceristerium, (tennis
court, of a circular form), which enjoys
the warmest rays of the declining sun.

Here arises a turris, (pavilion, or sum-
mer house), under which are, two dicetce,
(suite or set of apartments), and two also
above, besides a ccenatio, from which is a
beautiful prospect of the sea, the distant
coast, and several pleasant Villas; there is
also, another turris, containing a cubicu-
lum, exposed to the rising and the setting
sun; behind this, is an apotheca, and hor-
reum, (cabinets, or store rooms), and un-
derneath a triclinium, where the noise of
the sea is not heard, but only in storms,
and then but faintly. This looks on the
gestatio, (a place to exercise on horseback,
or in a carriage); and the garden which it

The gestatio is encompassed with box,
or rosemary, where the box" is wanting;
for box, when well sheltered, flourishes
much, but withers, if exposed to the wind,
or weather, or to the spray of the sea. To
the inner circle of the gestatio, is joined, a
shady row of young vines, with a walk,
soft and pleasant, even to the naked feet.
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