Rudiments of ancient architecture, containing an historical account of the five orders, with their proportions, and examples of each from antiques also, extracts from Vitruvius, Pliny, &c. relative to the buildings of the ancients — London, 1810 (4. Aufl.)

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temple, which is between the column
and the cell.

Peripteram, i. e. having columns all
around; according to Vitruvius, the
fourth order of temples ; also round

Peristyle, a range of columns or colon-
nade, within a court or building like a
cloister: the internal colonnade to the
hypcethral temple is a peristyle.

Piazza, an open space for public walks,
&c. mostly surrounded by buildings,
colonnades, arcades, &c.

Pilaster, a square pillar or column,
usually placed against a wall, and pro-
jecting one fifth or one sixth of its
breadth ; has the same proportions and
ornaments as a column, but no dimi-

Pillar, this word is generally used in
Architecture, in common with column,
though, strictly speaking, they are dif-
ferent ; thus the supporters in Gothic
Architecture are pillars, but can never
be properly termed columns, varying
in shape and every particular from the
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