The Art Of Drawing Without A Master — [S.l.], 1800

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There are some other lines, such- as make An-
gles , Triangles, Squares, Circles, Ovals, &c.
other Figures which it is sufficient at hrst to
ie acquainted with before we venture on them,:
for you see here are two Feints ; A and' 0,

which may be. joined fc A o

may be called it Raj' a-.—o

or Semidiameter when ——
you- make- a Circle of it/ \^

If you lengthen A. O.with another Ray or an
other will have- a whoteDiametrr.


Of which 0 is here
the Center.


ATX. orXTA.make a
Semicircle. a Perpendicular'. J
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