The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 3.1789

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to pass his days ! it is not indeed the habita-
tion which insures this selicity, but certainly it
may promote it. If, therefore, any of my audi-
tory should ever have occasion to eredt such a
fabric, let them fir st pay attention to the situa-
sion of their proposed dwelling : not in a bot-
tom, where an amphitheatre of surrounding
hills forbids every opening prospedl^ where
rushing waters induce melancholy, and the
winter’s torrent svveeps away all before it;
where rushes are the only ornament of the
mire, and vegetation is fuffocated by mud:
Not on a steep hill, whole rapid declivities are
of laborious ascent; upon which the rude blasts
os the bleak north wind beat full, and whose
roar occupies the melancholy attention of the
cold-confined inhabitant. But, where the easy
declivity affords an enlivening view, exciting
exercise repeatedly to enjoy it, and amply re-
pays the gentle exertion, where the prome-
nade may be diversisied by variety, and pro-
longed by novelty, there let your dwelling
be situated, if vegetation ssourishes, and the
waters are sweet and plentiful.
Shall I describe my plan for such a situation ?
it should be, without, simple and plain, but
unisorm and symmetrical ; void os garnishing
and frippery, but not of decorum, nor of taste :
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