The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 3.1789

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taste and genius, so it is their highest commen-
dation and applause.
As I am well aware, that Landscape is a
very favourite ftudy with others beside professed
Artisrs, and among those who pursue it with
ardour, I may include many of the present com-
pany, I have traced its parts in those distinc—
tions and divisions which I thought most likely
to promote a competent acquaintance with
the subjedt. It is evident that it includes a very
extensive variety, and that it requires both fore-
sight and constancy toinsure success; but, let not
that discourage us: Nature is perpetually offer-
ing her assistance; we cannot walk abroad but
file tempts our study, stie endeavours to excite
our regard, to attradt our attentive inquiry,
and to stimulate our imitation. This inter-
feres with no other pursuit, prevents no relax-
ation, or diversion, but accompanied by health
and pleasure, by delight and satisfadtion,
study and enjoyment go hand in hand.
As travellers returned from an extensive
excursion receive both pleasure and prosit
by relating their observations and adven-
tures, by ressedting on the incidents and oc-
currences of their progress, and, after the
journey, Purvey their route with satisfadtion ; so
we, who have now completed no ordinary ex-
I i 2 pediticm*
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