The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 3.1789

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Belonging to the Lecture on Landscape,

Pubhshed in No. XVII. Principles of Landfcape, a
double plate, containing'leaves, (ketches of trees, branch-
es, &c. Designed to be copied repeatedly with a pen,
till the (ludent has attained a facility of outlining such
objedls, forms, &c. The more familiar these simple
principles become the better.
In No. XVIII. Two plates, containing herbage,
branches of trees, &c. of the same use as the foregoing.
In No. XVIII. One plate, an advance on the above.
In No. XVIII. Principles of Landfcape, a light tree,
agitated by the wind.
In No. XXIII. Principles of Landscape, light trees
In No. XXIII, Principles of Landfcape, two small
(ketches, being parts os compositions.
In No. XXIV. Principles of Landfcape, a group of
trees on a banfc.
In No. XXIV. Principles of Landfcape, trees grouped
closely together with huts, &c. by the wrater side.
In No. XIX. Esfect of Wind. T wo trees very greatly
agitated by a violent gusl of wind; the leaves and
i branches
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