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is in tlie cabinet of the Duke of Rutland, and the other
in the chapel of Rubens at Antwerp, which ferves as
his monument. In both thefe pictures he has introduced,
a female figure dreffed in black fatin, the fhadows of
which are as dark as pure black, oppofed to the contrary
extreme of brightnefs, can make them.

" If to thefe different manners we add one more, that
in which a filver-grev or pearly tint is predominant, I
believe every kind of harmony that can be produced by
colours will be comprehended. One of the greateft ex-
amples in this mode, is the famous marriage at Cana, in
St. George's Church at Venice, where the fky, which
makes a very confiderable part of the picture, is of the
Iighteft blue colour, and the clouds perfectly white, the
reft of the picture is in the fame key, wrought from this
high pitch. We lee hkewife many pictures of Guido
in this tint; and indeed thofe that are fo, are in his beft
manner. Female figures, angels and children,. were
the fubjects in which Guido more particularly fucceeded ;
and to fuch, the cleannefs and neatjiefs of this tint per-
fectly correfponds, and contributes not a little to that
exquifite beauty and delicacy which fo much cliftin-
guifhes his works. To fee this ftile in perfection, we
muff, again have recourfe to the Dutch fchool, particu-
larly to the works of the younger Vandeveide, and the
younger Teniers, whofe pictures are valued by the con-
noiffeurs in proportion as they poffefs this excellence 01
a hlver tint. Which of thefe different ftiies ought to
be preferred, fo as to meet every man's idea, would be
difficult to determine, from the predilection which every
rnan has to that mode, Which is practifed by the fchool

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