The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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CON 69

A loaded compofition, abounds in too many objects,
they are"too numerous, and multiplied. A fcarcity of
objects, on the contrary, impoverijbes a compofition.

An extravagant compofition, offers forced atti-
tudes, unnatural forms, falfe difpofition, &c. thefe are
to be anxioufly avoided, as are all compblitions that are
forced^ cold, confufed, or irregular.

CONNOISSEUR, mould fignify a perfon whofe
knowledge in the principles of art, and their applica-
tion, enables him to form determinate judgment on fuch
performances as pafs under his furvey.

Many perfons pafs for Connoiffeurs, who by no means
deferve the appellation : They are perhaps fufficientlv
informed to diftinguifh the manners of certain mailers,
or, perhaps, to arraign the detail of a work ; but are not
blelTed with that extenfive information, that various
fcience, and that enlarged apprehenfion, which may
enable them adequately to enter into, as it were, the prin-
ciples of the art, and of the artift.

CONTORSION is expreffive of attitudes, or
features, whofe reprefentations are beyond the truth of
nature. With regard to attitudes, to (train them, or
fo extremely to contrail; the pofition of their members, as to
contort them, is a principal offence againft the juftice
and truth of defign ; although perhaps, fuch atti-
tudes may be pojjible to the human figure. As to the
parts of the countenance, thofe perfons who endeavour
to render expreffion remarkably fenfible and vigorous,
are in the greateft danger of Contorfion ; whofe effect
is fo clofely allied to the ridiculous, as to need little more
exaggeration to complete the carricatura.

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