The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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AKED expreffes all thofe parts of a figure which
are not clothed. As it requires fkill to execute
the naked well, artifls in general are fond of (hewing their
ability on this article, It is, however, reprehenfible
to introduce it on all occafions ; and however excellent
may be the group of Lao coon and his fons, yet, as it
is not to be thought they engaged naked in the folemnity
of a facrifice, it fhocks probability to reprefent them
fo; a licence which it would ill become any modern
artifl: to affume.

The naked requires foftnefs and delicacy : This is,
however, carried too far by fome artifls, who forget its
firmnefs ; but this is a better fault (if faults can be at all
good) than hardnefs and ftiffnefs.

Naked is alfo fpoken of a compofition, where the
objects are thin, and feattereel, which requires more va-
riety, and richnefs, to render it picture fque.

NATURE comprehends every vifible object which
may be reprefented : Whatever throughout creation is an
object; of fight, may be alfo an object of imitation.

To imitate Nature, is not to follow or copy objects,
point by point, even fuppofing the articles are of a
good choice: Still lefs is itjuft imitation of Nature, to
take up contentedly with her ordinary and inferior pro-
ductions, without feeking for beauties more exalted

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