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" love of his country," continues that author, " pre-
" vented his accepting of them."

It is remarked, that rrioft of the plates which he engrav-
ed at Rome, and before he went thither, are executed in
the ufual manner ; that is, with parallel ftrokes, crofTed
with fecond and third ftrokes, as the depth of the fhadows
might require. But afterwards he adopted a new mode
of working with fmgle ftrokes only, without any fe-
cond ftrokes laid upon them ; and the fhadows are ex-
prefled by the fame ftrokes, being made ftronger, and
brought nearer to each other. The effect, which he
produced by this method of engraving, is foft and clear.
In fmgle figures, andfmall fubjec~ts, he fucceeded very
happily ; but in large compofitions, where great depth of
fhadow was required, he has failed, and that in propor-
tion as the force of colour was wanted. Befides, in
fubjects where feveral figures occur, the famenefs of
ftyle, which neceffarily appears in every part of the
plate, fatigues the eye, and prevents objects from re-
lieving each other, and adds greatly to the flatnefs of
the effeft. His neateft plates in this ftyle have an uti-
finifhed appearance, by no means fuitable to large en-
gravings ; but, at the fame time, a lightnefs exceedingly
agreeable, when confined to fmall ones. According to
Le Comte, the works of this mafter amount to 342.

We fhall mention the following only.

The face of Cbrijf^ called the Sudanum of Sta% Veronica^
a middling-fized upright plate, which is executed en-
tirely by a fmgle fpiral line, begun at the extremity of
the nofe, and continued, without quitting, over the
whole face and back-ground ; and the better to indulge
this lingular undertaking, the face is reprefented full in
the front, and the point of the nofe near the centre.
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