The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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Is allegorized by a figure warmly clothed; on her
head a radiated crefcent, whofe form being yet
very imperfect, affords little light, and its rays are
few and dim : the veil of the figure is embellifhed
with numerous ftars ; allufive to the hoft of heaven.
Night being the propereft feafon for repofe, fhe is j
reprefented with her finger laid on her lips, indicating
filence; fhe feems alfo watching the fleeping child,
whofe balmy {lumbers fhe is unwilling to difturb.
The narcotic effe£ts of the Poppy, are well known ;
this plant was conftantly ufed by the ancients to
exprefs the repofe of peaceful (lumber,

Thefe four defigns, like thofe of the Seasons, have
been fo often treated by former Artifts, that little
novelty is to be expected : all that is defirable, is, to
attain a diverfity of effect correfponding as much
as may be, to the natural appearances and properties
of each fubject.

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