The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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Is reprefented under the character of a ferocious
foldier, whofe deflructive efforts having Succeeded in
demolifhing part of the defences of a capital city, he is
entering the breach with purpofes of devastation : thefe
areexpreffed by the flaming torches grafped in one hand,
and the naked poniard in the other. The ruins, the
defolation, and apparent barrennefs of the fcene around,
contribute to exprefs more ftrongly the effects of mar-
tial ravages.


Is reprefented as a heavenly character defcending
from the celeftial regions, and bending her courfe to
earth: her dignity is marked by the authoritative
fcepiire ; her head is crowned with laurel, as jignifica-
tiveof her power, and prevalence, over every opposition;
with her right hand (lie offers a cap, which article being
one of thofe prefented to flaves among the Romans,
when they were liberated from their Slavery, and ad-
mitted to the rights of freed-men, has been retained as
a principal distinction of Liberty.

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