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Khomeini's head or bust fioating in the air and rendered on the vertical
axis of the poster, represented here by one work (fig. 11). Despite some
points of difference, they correspond to iconographical models known in
surrealism, especially from the artworks by Salvador Dali and his imita-
tors (fig. 12)23.

11. A. Razavi, Poster of Ayatollah Khomeini, Iranian poster,
c. 1979, after P. Chelkowski, H. Dabashi, .SYagńig a ReoolfARw.'
TAe Arl of Pers^asion In ^Ae ZslaTnic RepnAllc of Zrań, London:
Booth-Clibborn 1999

23 For examples of pictures, see for instance R. Descharnes, G. Neret, Acdoadcr Da/l
17904-79^9).* <Zas 7na/grlscAe WerA, Koln: Taschen 2003.
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