Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 2.1883-1884

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No. 13.

Kara Hissar. Block now used as a month-piece to a well
near the village. Length, \.\om.; width, 0.90 m..; heiglit
of letters, 0.06 m,

S2??N APXIE_PEAM E r'l^fqS
WHS® Y SI A * TOJ,:iiIt?K P A TO P /Jf

2«Y r E N 0 M C-^&AIPX I A Tm^M
Kt, A g*A,T 0 Y K Y P I 0 Y ^WMMMM

........[aptcrlrov ? Se[/3acrTov]........

.....[re/Dyaavt^/clo^ dpyiepea ju,eyioTrov] ....

[Srjfiap-^LKrj<; e'fo]uo"ia? to [(,#', ai>To]/cpaTop[a]
[to -? t/7ra.Tov] to 7ra[Tepa 7j-aTpiSo[s], . . .


.... [e'/c] Sia^k^C? TtVov0] St [an a10 u]
. . . . ov yevop\evov] ap^Ldrl pov kol\

[<TTe(f>avr)(f)6pov] tov Kvpiov K[aicrdpo$].

Concerning the apxiarpos, see Marquardt, Privatlcbcn, II. p. 755,
No. 4; Le Bas-Waddington, Voyage Archeologique, 1695; C.I.G.
3953 h; Bulletin de Correspondance He/Unique, 1883, p. 360, 1S85,
P- 337, No. 20.

The office of o-re(f>a.vr]<p6po<; is connected with that of the dp^tarpos
in an inscription of Heraclea given in Bulletin de Correspondance Hcl-
leniquc, 1885, p. 337, No. 20, so that it must probably be restored here.

Travelling east from Kara Hissar we reach Makuf, the site of the
ancient Heraclea (see Le Bas-Waddington, Voyage Archeologique, 1695,.
and Bulletin de Correspondance Helleniqitc, 1885, p. 330), in 22 m.

The Stadion at Heraclea is still very distinct. The Acropolis is
a low hill of great extent on top. The.walls of the Acropolis are
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