Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 2.1883-1884

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1 cm
in asia minor.



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d/j.ei>o<; •

Avp. vAxTaXo5 'Ocraet /cX^povoI/xo?] •

Avp. 'Ocraet? 'ArrdXov veos iepa<r[d]p.evo[<;] •
5 [Ajv[p]. Nei/caSa? MlJVtOOS KaSauou tepacraT[o] •

[AjvpifCXio?) vAtto.Xos NeiKoXaot> ie/aacra[/i]et'o[s] ■

[Ajvp^'Xio? MtJ^ic; 'ArraXou

KaWi/cXeous iepacrdpevo'; ■

[MJap/ceXXo? tepacra^.et'ots] •

10 vArraXo? M^VtSo? 'icr/caXou ■

Xap-r/s A7roXX(yi;(.ou 'Iepe-

09 lepaa-dp.evo<; •

'Vovefieivos tepacra/Lte^os ■

[Ajiacr/couptSry? Sis Euru/cou
15 [tJepacrayu.ei/05 •

[vAr]TaXo5 /3' KaXXucXeous tepacra/xevo[s] ■

[Mj^is Nei/caSa.80? M77V1S0S KaS[au-]

[o]u lepacrdpevo^

[rjewpyo? r<xetou tepa-
20 <jdp.z.vo<;.

Nos. 41-42.

Karatnanlii. Quadrangular cippus near the fountain, west of
the village. Height, 1.20m.; within the mouldings, 0.87m.;
width, 0.44 Bulletin de Correspondance Hellenique,
1878, p. 250. Impression}

1 Lines 1-2 are on the top moulding. The I at the end of line 3 is very small.
The letters to the right of the uncial text belong to this inscription as indicated,
but are on the side of the stone immediately to the right of A (see Bulletin de
Correspondance Hellenique, 1878, p. 251, lines 12-14). In line 23, MO in ligature
probably stands for MOYNAIUJN.
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