Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 2.1883-1884

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an epiukapi11cal journey

At Yalak the one hundred and forty-fourth milliarium (No. 297)
was found. By a glance at the numerals of the milliaria between
Yalak and Yarpuz it will be seen that the numerals diminish steadily
along this road, a fact which proves conclusively that distances in the
Trans-Antitaurari region were measured from Melitene as the starting-

From Goksun the Goksiin Su goes down a narrow valley, and does
not flow south of Beirut Dagh, as it is made to do on the old map
constructed from von Moltke's hurried ride.

August 1. We undertook a journey in a northerly direction, with
Khurman Kalesi as an objective point. The time from Yarpuz, via
Khunu and Norshun, to Indjiler was 4 h. 40 m.

Khunu. Quadrangular cippus in the cemetery. Copy.

Arrived at Indjiler we find that we have lost the road to Khurman
Kalesi, and are advised to take a short cut through the mountains.
After wandering about in the uninhabited mountains until midnight
we reluctantly camped out.

August 2. We left camp at peep of day, and for a wonder found
Khurman Kalesi at 4 o'clock a.m. Not being able to find food for
man or beast, we had to leave immediately for Tanir. The inscrip-
tions, for which we had undertaken the journey, were found after-
wards (Nos. 352-354). The time from Khurman Kalesi, via Tanir,
Norshun, and Merki, to Yarpuz was six hours. Tanir is the site of
an old town; no doubt the name is a corruption of TTTANAAPIS.

No. 339.

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