Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 2.1883-1884

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Peutinger Table, the first station on the Roman road from Tavium
to Comana in Pontus. Hirschfeld points out that Tomba and Tonea
are two names for the same place. It must be noted that the dis-
tances, as given by the Peutinger Table, viz. Tonea XIII and Tomba
XVI MP. from Tavium, do not agree accurately with my identifica-
tion, and I should rather look for VIII instead of either XIII or XVI.
The Table is almost certainly in error, and the identification both of
Tavium and Tomba remains fixed.

It has been stated that the ruins of Boyiik Nefezkieui are too in-
significant to represent Tavium. This is not the case. It is true that
at the village itself there are only comparatively small fragments ; but
the cemeteries, both of Kotlak and the one in which No. 356 was
found, are full of architectural fragments, and the last-mentioned
cemetery has scarcely any other stones in it except cippi, columns,
and fragments of epistyles, all of considerable weight and size. A
future traveller will no doubt find the hot springs in the region of
country between Boyiik Nefezkieui and Yozgad.

I found only Roman coins at Boyiik Nefezkieui, of the Caesarean
coinage. The soil is very fertile, and yields abundant harvests of
wheat; and the people plant nothing else.

No. 357.

Boyiik Nefezkieui. Ornamented epistyle of white marble.
See Bulletin de Correspondance Hellenique, 1883, /. 26,
whence it u<as inserted in the Ephemeris Epigraphica,
1884, 28, No. 42. Copy.

[Imjperator VI Co[(n)s(ul)].

No. 358.

Boyiik Nefezkieui. Stele in the wall of a house. Copy}

1 Ligatures occur: line 3, WN, MH; line 4, MH.
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