Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 2.1883-1884

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The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, founded by
the Archaeological Institute of America, and organized under the
auspices of some of the leading American Colleges, was opened Octo-
ber 2, 1882. During the first five years of its existence it occupied a
hired house on the '08<k 'A/xaAias in Athens, near the ruins of the
Olympieum. A large and convenient building has now been erected
for the School on a piece of land, granted by the generous liberality of
the Government of Greece, on the southeastern slope of Mount Lyca-
bettus, adjoining the ground already occupied by the English School.
This permanent home of the School, built by the subscriptions of its
friends in the United States, will be ready for occupation early in
1888. During the first months of 1887-88, the School has been
accommodated in temporary quarters in the city.

The new building contains the apartments to be occupied by the
Director and his family, and a large room which will be used as a
library and also as a general reading-room and place of meeting for
the whole School. A few rooms in the house are intended for the
use of students. These will be assigned by the Director, under such
regulations as he may establish, to as many members of the School as
they will accommodate. Each student admitted to the privilege of a
room in the house will be expected to undertake the performance of
some service to the School, to be determined by the Director; such,
for example, as keeping the accounts of the School, taking charge of
the delivery of books from the Library and their return, and keeping
up the catalogue of the Library.

The Library now contains about 1,500 volumes, exclusive of sets
of periodicals. It includes a complete set of the Greek classics, and
the most necessary books of reference for philological, archaeological,
and architectural study in Greece.
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